Many thanks for the Finnish posts and attachments, Glen, although I was sorry to hear about the burglary… I am glad it did not have very serious consequences.

I had a look at the “Heidegger and the Matrix” slides – great fun! I thought the condescending tone of the author was a bit silly, but if one other person apart from the author is going to enjoy this, then I suppose it has a justification.

I have not had a chance to look at the paper on Wittgenstein, although it looks good – it adopts the Wittgensteinian way of writing philosophy in relatively small sections. You have heard the paper – is it good?

On a different matter, as you may all know, on 20 November, UNESCO has set up a celebration day for Philosophy. I have created a separate page (see below) with a recent email about the event circulated on Philos-l. Some interesting publications by UNESCO: “Philosophy: A Cosmic Responsibility” and “Philosophy: A School of Freedom”. More details on this blog under the “Philosophy Day” page.

I think we might have some sort of duty to celebrate this day. Is this the wrong moral intuition? And if not, does anybody have any suggestions about how to celebrate it? My idea was to contact a fireworks company and order a device which, once it goes off, starts writing “Philosophy” in the rainbow’s colours. Kant could have helped here (as in many other situations!), since he used to teach fireworks. But then I thought it would be too expensive and it might be a rainy day. Besides we will have plenty of fireworks on 5 November…

Any other suggestions are very welcome!


One thought on “Glen’s posts and Philosophy Day

  1. Hey, just had a great idea!!!

    Perhaps we could have the fireworks in Humes missing shade of blue!! 🙂 then nobody would have to worry about the weather, as we could just imagine them!! That would be so much fun everyone would have a right giggle (would prob have to provide alcohol though)xx

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