Thank you Sorin. The Heidegger was I think intended as a painless introduction to Being and Time though the Matrix is usually cited in connection with Nozick’s brain-in-a-vat sceptical challenge. I think it’s fair to say that he came under a good deal of critical questioning during the session. Various things remained unclear to me, e.g. why the fact that Dasein is identified with its potentialities necessarily generates guilt. But I suppose it is an achievement of sorts to get through a Heidegger presentation without mentioning the Nazis. Not many other blogworthy things to report. Even now the Finnish plods are hot on the trail of my burglar(s) and will no doubt nail a suspect before long. At the police station I was invited to nominate a suitable punishment when the culprits are caught. I said I would rest content with the severing of a hand, or some other extremity of equivalent value.

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  1. Yes, it is an ethical approach both to “Being and Time” and to the “Matrix”. I don’t know the answer to your question concerning guilt in Heidegger. Is there a Heideggerian out there who could clarify this?

    At the same time, I am not sure how painless such a “painless” introduction really is. The question which immediately springs to mind is the extent to which any of the things attributed to Heidegger in this introduction were indeed said by Heidegger. Given the complexity of “Being and Time”, claims taken out of its rich philosophical context look very strange, just like a newly shaved poodle.

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