For what it is worth I am putting in a link to the latest seminar presentation here at the research institute in Helsinki, on “Disturbing, fleshy images: close reading and close looking at pornography”. It is not enormously philosophical, at least in an anal-phil way, but I have linked it in case anyone may find it of interest. The author, Susanna Paasonen, another visiting fellow here, focuses in some detail on one image. This depicts a man engaging in carnal relations with a leather trainer (Nike). For obvious reasons, this is a child’s-size shoe. I don’t know whether it is left- or right-footed. The paper was circulated in advance of the presentation tomorrow (Tue 4 Nov) when we are promised a showing of the image in question, which may clarify this.


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2 thoughts on “Nike: a new use

  1. Interestingly, according to the blog platform on which we operate, possibly related posts to “Nike: a new use” can be found on the “Education & Tech” Weblog! It is mentioned however that this suggestion was automatically generated…

  2. Yes I don’t know how this link got there – I certainly didn’t put it in. To end the suspense created at the end of my last post: the trainer was a right-footer.

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