Hi, thanks to everyone who braved the weather to make it to the first PhilSoc debate of the year.

The topic of debate was whether love was selfless or selfish and it brought up a lot of interesting debates about altruism and whether being selfish is actually a bad thing or not. It also brought up the problem of anyone wanting a selfless relationship as it would assume that the person did not value your input to making their lives better, as that would be a selfish motive.

For anyone who hasn’t had an email, please contact me if you wish to be considered for the position of the next PhilSoc president. I shall be deciding over the next month or so, so if you do want to be considered, showing up for the debates regularly is a necessity. It is something that would look great on a CV and while it is not exhaustive it does hold some interesting challenges. Applicants must be comfortable with the idea of public speaking. Wine bottle opening is an added bonus!

Hope to see more people next time, and if anyone has any debate topics, please get in touch with me on u7l17@stl.keele.ac.uk.





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