The next Royal Institute of the Philosophy lecture is:

31 March 2009


Chancellor’s Building, Room CBA 0.060

Professor Sebastian Gardner
University College London

“Nietzsche’s Theory of Aesthetic Justification”
Abstract: In The Birth of Tragedy Nietzsche introduces the beguiling but opaque notion of ‘aesthetic justification’. Commentators have puzzled over the exact sense of this phrase, while noting that the general conception of the aesthetic as in some fashion taking the place of reason is a recurring theme in Nietzsche’s writings philosophical and central to his philosophical project. In this paper I offer a reconstruction of the role of the aesthetic in Nietzsche’s philosophy which − in contrast with the radical anti-realist postmodern interpretation of Nietzsche − understands his conception of the aesthetic state in terms of the conflict of theoretical and practical reason, thus referring Nietzsche’s conception of the aesthetic back to Schiller and the early German romantics.

This is the last lecture in the series (no more until October/November). So please make it a good turn out, and help us to USE UP ALL THE WINE WE HAVE LEFT OVER.

The lecture is particularly useful for 1st-year students (who will have a lecture on Existentialism and Nihilism this week), for 2nd years planning to take “Philosophy of Art” next year and for all 3rd years. All students and staff are encouraged to attend – everyone is welcome to attend!


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