WednesdayItalian Garden
27 May 2009
Claus Moser Building, CM0.12A

Dr Peter Fletcher (Mathematics) will give a paper on: The Importance of Being Vague

Modern logic was developed at the end of the nineteenth century for applications in pure mathematics but was intended as a general theory of reasoning, applicable to all topics and all types of object. Yet perplexing difficulties arise when one tries to apply logic to the physical world; the difficulties relate to time, modality, identity and vagueness. I shall review these issues, with emphasis on vagueness, with the aim of determining whether the world is inherently vague and whether vagueness is a desirable feature of reasoning. I approach this subject from the perspective of a logician and also from the perspective of an artificial intelligence researcher.

All welcome!

All correspondence and inquiries to Sorin Baiasu: /01782 733 364


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