The last seminar in the 2009 Keele Forum for Philosophical Research summer series is
Wednesday, 10 June 2009, 12:00 – 14:00

Claus Moser Building, CM0.12A

Professor Matthias Klaes (Management) will give a paper on: Rational choice and social framing: A view from economic philosophy

Social scientific thought is riddled by a basic dichotomy. Analysis of individual behavior has found itself caught between rational choice theory, and a perspective that lends more weight to cultural and institutional forces shaping the behavior of individuals. This second perspective accords collective entities such as class, status, norms and values explanatory and at times also ontological primacy. The recent emergence of a new behaviourism in economics has begun to blur the boundaries between these two views, by attending to the social framing of individual choice. In distinguishing between essential and inessential social framing  of such choice, it is possible to examine whether this new behaviourism leaves the intentional nature of economic explanation intact, or whether it commits behaviourists to collectivism or social holism.

All welcome!

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