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Our last two seminars in the Summer Research Series have been excellent. Professor John Horton presented a paper on “Self-censorship”, whereas Dr Dagmar Wilhelm talked about “Intuitions as Tacit Theories”. Papers generated a lost of interest and discussion continued in both cases in Le Cafe.

Unfortunately there was little time to make a post about these seminars in the way in which I did for the first three, but I paste here the abstract of Professor Horton’s paper:

This article seeks to explore the conceptual structure and moral standing of an idea that has received almost no attention from analytical philosophers: self-censorship. It is argued that at the heart of the concept is a tension between the thoughts of the self-censor as, on the one hand, the author, and on the other, the instrument, of the censorship. Which of these aspects is emphasised also importantly helps to shape how self-censorship is viewed normatively. Focusing on authorship tends to lead to seeing self-censorship as a voluntary act of self-restraint, while focusing on the self-censor as instrument presents it as one specific form of ordinary censorship. It is the tension between these two aspects that accounts for the moral ambivalence that can be felt towards the practice of self-censorship.

I encourage you to get in touch with the authors, if you would like to read these papers.

July and August proved to be extremely busy, but productive months: we continued to prepare the Royal Institute of Philosophy Invited Lectures, the Keele Forum for Philosophical Research Annual Lecture and a conference on the “Morality of Law: Kantian Perspectives”, for which registration opened a few days ago. For more information, visit the Forum for Philosophical Research website.

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