Seminar4 Seminar3 Seminar2 Seminar1 These are pictures from one of the seminars for the course “Philosophy of Art”; the seminar, on “Representation and Photography”, took place in the “Three Counties Photography Exhibition” that is organised every year at Keele University.

As part of their assessment for the course, each student had to choose one work of art (any genre, any time period in the history of art, the only condition being that it be of significance for the history of art), and to write for six weeks short portfolio pieces. Portfolio pieces reflected on that work of art from the perspective of various topics – definition of art, ontology, representation, expression, morality and perception.

Today, the final day of the course (and for many students, the final day of undergraduate studies, this being a 3rd-year module), students will given brief presentations about their chosen works of art.

Looking forward to this!

PS: I tried to take some pictures during the second seminar, but camera would not work (I think it went on strike after hearing Scruton’s argument that photography cannot be art!).


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