Meetings 14 and 15 of the reading group on A. W. Moore’s The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics (2012) took place on:
  • Wednesday, 10 July, 1-2.30 pm, in Chancellor’s Building, CBA1.075;
  • Wednesday, 24 July, 1-2.30 pm, in Claus Moser Research Centre, CM0.12A/A.

In the first meeting, the focus was on Chapter 13 of Moore’s book, on “Lewis: Metaphysics in the Service of Philosophy”; the introductory presentation was given by Peter Fletcher. Unfortunately, due to a technical difficulty, the discussion could not be recorded. it was however recorded for the second meeting, on Chapter 14, “Dummett: The Logical Basis of Metaphysics” – the chapter was introduced by Stephen Leach. We will post the file with the meeting very shortly here.

I am very grateful to Stephen for having taken over as organiser of these meetings! The next one will be on Wednesday, 14 August, from 1-2.30 pm, and the chapter discuss will be “Nietzsche: Sense under Scrutiny Again” – meeting point and author of the introductory talk will be announced shortly.


3 thoughts on “Reading Group: Meetings 14, 15 and 16

  1. Hi Sorin. I’d be really interested in hearing these recordings from the reading group, but although you keep saying (since e.g. last March) that they’ll be “posted shortly”, I have only seen one up here. I’m sure you’ve got much more important stuff to do, but is there any chance the others will be uploaded at some point? Thanks in advance! Abe.

  2. Hi Abe, many thanks for this and I am very sorry I have not yet posted the recordings; the reason is that files are very big, and I can only post them on a different site, and post the links here; until recently, I used FileDen; however, not long ago, this had a technical problem which led to the loss of many files (including the recordings of the reading group meetings); moreover, if I understand correctly, the company was bought by another one, so I need a new account, etc. There is a further complication – I am away on research leave abroad, and the reading group is organised by my colleague, Stephen Leach. This means that I do not have access yet to the new files. At any rate, to cut a long story short, please bear with me: luckily, I should have a copy of all previous files and will find another solution for posting again everything on this blog.

  3. Many thanks for your prompt reply Sorin: I quite understand, and will check back now and then just to see if you (or someone) has managed to get round the technical problems and post the recordings. Best wishes, Abe.

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