Next rip lecture

2 December 2008
6:00-7:30 PM
Chancellor’s Building, Room CBA 0.060             DOWNLOAD PAPER (PDF)

Professor Robert Hanna
University of Cambridge/University of Colorado at Boulder

The abstract is pasted below. This is directly relevant to second years taking Philosophy of Mind, and indirectly relevant to all human beings who are minded and embodied. So I guess we can expect to have a huge audience.

Wine will be served, as usual.

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Religious Toleration

Another paper from the Helsinki Collegium series, this time on religious toleration, given by the Collegium Director, Juha Sihvola. Basically Sihvola defends Rawls against the charge that he doesn’t (in Political Liberalism) make due allowance for the nature of specifically religious beliefs, as distinct from other kinds of “comprehensive doctrine”. sihvolabb25112008

Getting the point

I was in Southampton at the weekend for a conference entitled “What is the point of political philosophy”? with other political philosophers including Paul Kelly (LSE) and Susan Mendus (York). I argued that it has no point. A version of my paper “Political Philosophy: an infantile disorder?” is here. infantile-disorder