Forum for Philosophical Research News


Although more recently I have not had the chance to post any updates here, the activities of the Keele Forum for Philosophical Research have continued during the last few weeks. Now that marking is almost over, I am trying to catch up.

We are in the process of organising the 2013 “Jean-Jacques Rousseau” Annual Lecture and Conference, as well as the 2013/14 Royal Institute of Philosophy Invited Lecture Series. It is very tempting to divulge the names of the excellent speakers who will visit Keele on these occasions… Yet, this will have to wait until the announcements will be circulated publicly. Perhaps one piece of information: The Annual Lecture and Conference will take place on 29 and 30 November, respectively.

The meetings of the reading group on Adrian W. Moore’s The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics (CUP 2012) have also continued. The following were the most recent:

  • Meeting 9: Wednesday, 20 March, 4.30-6 pm, in CM1.24; we discussed Chapter 8: “Frege: Sense Under Scrutiny”; the presentation was given by Robert Eggett; presentation and discussion (part 1 and part 2) are now available to download.
  • Meeting 10: Wednesday, 9 May, 11.30-1pm, in CM1.24; Chapter 9 was the focus of discussions: “The Early Wittgenstein – The Possibility, Scope, and Limits of Sense; or, Sense, Senselessness, and Nonsense”; the introductory presentation was given by Peter Fletcher; presentation and discussion (part 1 and part 2) will be made available for download shortly.
  • Meeting 11: Wednesday, 15 May, 12-1.30pm, in CM1.24; we read Chapter 10: “The Later Wittgenstein – Bringing Words Back from their Metaphysical to Their Everyday Use”; the chapter was introduced by John Wootton; presentation and discussion (part 1 and part 2) will be posted here before long.
  • Meeting 12: Wednesday, 29 May, 4.30-6pm, in CM1.24; the starting point was Chapter 11: “Carnap – The Elimination of Metaphysics?”; an introductory talk was given by Oliver Wright; the recording of the meeting (presentation, part1 and part 2) will be made available soon.
  • Meeting 13: Wednesday, 12 June, 2.30-4pm, in CM2.22; we discussed Chapter 12: “Quine – The Ne Plus Ultra of Rationalism”; the introduction was presented by Stephen Leach; the meeting was recorded, and the recording will be posted here shortly.

Have a look at the book, listen to the recordings of the meetings and let us know your views!