British Academy Advanced Newton Fellowship:

Dealing Ethically with Conflicts between Deep Commitments: A Dual Critical-Hermeneutic Approach

Hosted by the Keele-Oxford-St Andrews Kantian (KOSAK) Research Centre

Training Programme and Workshop
(Schedule available, although slight changes are still possible)

15-17 March 2016

The British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship “Dealing Ethically with Conflicts between Deep Commitments: A Dual Critical-Hermeneutic Account” (award holders: Dr Ruhi Demiray – Kocaeli University, Turkey, and Professor Sorin Baiasu – Keele University, UK) is hosted by Keele University and includes a series of events. The first two will take place at Keele University and registration for these events is now open.

Training Programme: Ethical Approaches to Conflict Reconciliation

This is a programme designed for postgraduate students and early postdoctoral researchers; it explores three critical and three hermeneutic approaches in ethics. These approaches represent the building blocks of the dual critical-hermeneutic approach, which constitutes the focus of the BA Newton Research Project.

The programme includes a formal and an informal element. The formal element consists in the participation to the workshop and training course, which, apart from the introductory session, will include six seminars taught by Professor Howard Williams (Aberystwyth/Cardiff), Professor Kenneth Westphal (Bogazici), Professor Mark Timmons (Arizona), Dr Alix Cohen (Edinburgh), Dr Alice Pinheiro-Walla (Dublin) and Professor Sorin Baiasu (Keele).

Participants will be assessed on the basis of their attendance, participation and completion of a final project. The final project will require the consideration of a concrete case of conflict between deep commitments from the perspective of one of the methods studied during the course. It is expected that projects will be submitted approximately three weeks after the end of the training.


Introduction – Conflicts between Deep Commitments
Ruhi Demiray (Kocaeli/Keele) and Sorin Baiasu (Keele)

Hermeneutic Approaches: Existentialism
Sorin Baiasu (Keele)

Hermeneutic Approaches: Moral Phenomenology
Mark Timmons (Arizona)

Hermeneutic Approaches: Hermeneutics
Kenneth Westphal (Bogazici)

Critical Approaches: Constitutivism
Alice Pinheiro Walla (Dublin)

Critical Approaches: Discourse Ethics
Howard Williams (Aberystwyth/Cardiff)

Critical Approaches: Modal Constructivism
Alix Cohen (Edinburgh)

Workshop: Dealing Ethically with Deep Differences: Hermeneutics and Critical Philosophy (schedule below)

The workshop focuses on the exploration of the limits of the critical and hermeneutic approaches to ethically relevant conflicts and will discuss a few attempts in the literature to link these two approaches.

Wednesday, 16 March

Chancellor’s Building, Room CBA1.023

Roundtable- discussion of several key texts with:
Edward Kanterian (Kent), Alberto Vanzo (Warwick) and Kenneth Westphal (Bogazici)

The workshop will focus on the discussion of the following texts: Sartre ([1946]1975), Ricoeur ([1954-5] 1966), Gadamer ([1963]2007 and [1972]2007).

TO REGISTER: please see the Registration Form (doc and pdf). A credit card form is enclosed with the registration form.

NB: postgraduate students and early postdoctoral students who would like to register for the training course will need to apply by emailing an updated copy of their CV at: s.baiasu [@] by 8 March; they will be informed about the outcome on the same day.

Registration deadline: 8 March 2016.

For further enquiries, contact Tracey Wood at:

The Training Course and Workshop are organised with the support of the British Academy, the KOSAK Research Centre, the Research Centre for SPIRE, the ECPR Kantian Standing Group and the Keele School of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment (SPIRE).



Gadamer, H.-G. ([1972]2007) “Hermeneutics as Practical Philosophy”, in Richard E. Palmer – ed. and tr. The Gadamer Reader. A Bouquet of the Later Writings. Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press.

Gadamer, H.-G. ([1963]2007) “On the Possibility of a Philosophical Ethics”, in Richard E. Palmer – ed. and tr. The Gadamer Reader. A Bouquet of the Later Writings. Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press. First published in Gesammelte Werke. IV: Neuere Philosophie II. Probleme. Gestalten. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.

Ricoeur, P. ([1954-5]1966) “Kant and Husserl”, in Edward G. Ballard and Lester E. Embree – trs, PhilosophyToday. 10(3): 147-68. First published as “Kant et Husserl” in Kant-Studien. 46(1): 44-67.

Sartre, J.-P. ([1946]1975) “Existentialism is a Humanism”, in Walter Kaufman -ed. Philip Mairet – tr., Existentialism: From Dostoevsky to Sartre. London: Penguin. The text was first delivered by Sartre as a public lecture in 1946.

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