KOSAKLogoRegistration  is now open for several events (taking place between 15 and 18 March 2016 at Keele University) organised under the aegis of the Keele-Oxford-St Andrews Kantian (KOSAK) Research Centre. Registration deadline: 8 March 2016.

Please note: although some events are free, it is important to register in order to make sure we have sufficient places at the respective venues.

  • ‘Jean-Jacques Rousseau’ Annual Lecture and Conference
    • Annual Lecture by Mark Timmons (Arizona) on “Kant’s Conception of Moral Evil”
    • Conference on Kant’s Doctrine of Virtue with Kenneth Westphal (Bogazici), Mark Timmons (Arizona), Dieter Schönecker (Siegen), Elke Schmidt (Siegen), Alix Cohen (Edinburgh) and Sorin Baiasu (Keele)

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  • (As part of the British Academy Newton Fellowship “Dealing Ethically with Conflicts between Deep Commitments)
    • Training Programme: “Ethical Approaches to Conflict Reconciliation” – a course for postgraduate students and early postdoctoral researchers with Howard Williams (Aberystwyth/Cardiff), Kenneth Westphal (Bogazici), Mark Timmons (Arizona), Alice Pinheiro-Walla (Dublin), Alix Cohen (Edinburgh) and Sorin Baiasu (Keele)
    • Workshop: “Dealing Ethically with Deep Differences” with Kenneth Westphal (Bogazici), Alberto Vanzo (Warwick) and Edward Kanterian (Kent) – although the workshop is part of the training programme, it can be attended also independently from the training course.

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Keele Virtual Philosophy Seminar: Third Symposium



The third seminar in the Keele virtual series will be on Sophie Allen’s paper: “Dispositional Necessity, Laws and Singular Causation”.

The paper can be downloaded (pdf) by clicking here.

Comments are welcome! You can either post short comments below or, for longer comments, send them to the author (s.r.allen [@] or post them on this blog (in which case, they should be emailed to me in the first instance: s.baiasu [@]

Comments will be followed by responses (usually very prompt for short remarks in response to this blog post or after a little longer for more elaborate comments).

Philosophy Events at Keele

Please find bellow details of several events which will take place at Keele during 2016. Details will be Keele Universitycirculated in due course and, where applicable, registration will open soon, but do not hesitate to email me (s.baiasu [at], if you have any questions.

  • Royal Institute of Philosophy Invited Lecture Series (for second semester of AY2015/16)
  • Training Course and Workshop in Ethics (as part of a British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship hosted at Keele)
  • ‘Jean-Jacques Rousseau’ Annual Lectures and Conferences (Postponed 2015 events and preliminary announcement for the 2016 Annual Lecture and Conference)
  • Reading Group (Organised by the recipient of the second APRA Foundation Berlin Graduate Student Teaching Scholarship)

All events are hosted by the Keele-Oxford-St Andrews Kantian (KOSAK) Research Centre, the Philosophy Programme at Keele and the School of Politics, Philosophy, International  Relations and Environment (SPIRE) @ Keele.



Royal Institute of Philosophy


Tuesdays 6:00-7:30 pm, Room CBA0.060 (unless otherwise stated), Chancellor’s Building, Keele University ST5 5BG

  • 16 February: Professor James Lenman (University of Sheffield): From Desires to Reasons
  • 23 February: Dr Clayton Littlejohn (King’s College London): Knowledge Vs Accuracy
  • 8 March: Professor John Cottingham (University of Reading): How to Philosophise about Religion
  • 18 March: Dr Alix Cohen (University of Edinburgh): Kant and the Emotions (exceptionally this talk will take place in the Claus Moser Research Centre, Conference Room; time to be confirmed)
  • 19 April: Dr John Callanan (King’s College London): Kant on Misology and the Natural Dialectic

The 2015/16 Lecture Series is organised with the support of the Royal Institute of Philosophy.



British Academy Advanced Newton Fellowship: Dealing Ethically with Conflicts between Deep Commitments – A Dual Critical-Hermeneutic Approach


Training Programme: Ethical Approaches to Conflict Reconciliation

Academics teaching on the programme: Sorin Baiasu (Keele), Alix Cohen (Edinburgh), Alice Pinheiro-Walla (Dublin), Mark Timmons (Arizona), Kenneth Westphal (Bogazici) and Howard Williams (Cardiff/Aberystwyth).

The course is designed for postgraduate research students and early postodctoral researchers, and it will have eight parts, which will be introduced and discussed as follows:

1. Introduction: Conflicts Between Deep Commitments

2. Discourse ethics
3. Modal constructivism
4. Constitutivism

5. Existentialism
6. Hermeneutics
7. Moral phenomenology

8. Conclusion: Concrete Cases

The course will have an intensive programme with, in average, 7 hours per day for training. Participants will be assessed on the basis of their attendance, participation and completion of a final project. The final project will require the consideration of a concrete case of conflict between deep commitments from the perspective of one of the methods studied during the School. It is expected that projects will be submitted approximately three weeks after the end of the Training School.


Workshop: Dealing Ethically with Deep Differences: Hermeneutics and Critical Philosophy

This will be part of the training course, although participants who are not registered for the training course may also attend. The workshop will focus on the exploration of the limits of the critical and hermeneutic approaches to ethically relevant conflicts and will discuss the few attempts in the literature to link these two approaches.

The workshop will consist of a roundtable, where 3 or 4 key texts will be introduced and discussed by several academics, followed by questions and discussion. Participants to the roundtable include: Sorin Baiasu, Edward Kanterian and Kenneth Westphal.



This an annual event organised by the KOSAK Research Centre and the Philosophy Programme at Keele and inaugurated in 2008 with the launch of the Keele Forum for Philosophical Research. The previous Annual Lectures were given by: Giuseppina D’Oro (2008), Miranda Fricker (2009), Stephen Engstrom (2010), John Horton (2011), Alan Montefiore (2012), Adrian Piper (2013), Howard Williams (2014). The Annual Lecture and conference is usually organised in November, but occasionally postponed for the following year, in March. Hence, the forthcoming events in March 2016 are the postponed 2015 Lecture and Conference.

‘Jean-Jacques Rousseau’ Annual Lecture: 17 March 2016

Mark Timmons: Kant’s Conception of Moral Evil


‘Jean-Jacques Rousseau’ Annual Conference on Kant’s Doctrine of Virtue: 18 March 2016

Speakers: Sorin Baiasu (Keele), Alix Cohen (Edinburgh), Dieter Schönecker (Siegen), Elke Schmidt (Siegen), Mark Timmons (Arizona), and Kenneth Westphal (Bogazici).


READING GROUP: February-March 2016


A reading group on Kant’s Doctrine of Virtue is due to start shortly under the aegis of the KOSAK Research Centre. The reading group is organised by Sebastian Orlander, who is the recipient of the second APRA Foundation Berlin Graduate Student Teaching Scholarship.

If you are interested in attending the reading group, please contact the organiser at the following email address: s.o.j.orlander [at]

We will use the translation by Mary Gregor from the the Cambridge Edition of the Works of Immanuel Kant. For the first meeting, we will focus on the Preface and Introduction.


PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT: 2016 ‘J.-J. Rousseau’ Annual Lecture and Conference

The 2016 Annual Lecture will be given by Julian Savulescu (Oxford) and it is likely to be on the 25th of November. The theme of the annual conference will be “Responsibility and Distributive Justice”. All details are to be confirmed.