Reading Group: Meetings 14, 15 and 16

Meetings 14 and 15 of the reading group on A. W. Moore’s The Evolution of Modern Metaphysics (2012) took place on:
  • Wednesday, 10 July, 1-2.30 pm, in Chancellor’s Building, CBA1.075;
  • Wednesday, 24 July, 1-2.30 pm, in Claus Moser Research Centre, CM0.12A/A.

In the first meeting, the focus was on Chapter 13 of Moore’s book, on “Lewis: Metaphysics in the Service of Philosophy”; the introductory presentation was given by Peter Fletcher. Unfortunately, due to a technical difficulty, the discussion could not be recorded. it was however recorded for the second meeting, on Chapter 14, “Dummett: The Logical Basis of Metaphysics” – the chapter was introduced by Stephen Leach. We will post the file with the meeting very shortly here.

I am very grateful to Stephen for having taken over as organiser of these meetings! The next one will be on Wednesday, 14 August, from 1-2.30 pm, and the chapter discuss will be “Nietzsche: Sense under Scrutiny Again” – meeting point and author of the introductory talk will be announced shortly.