Summer school and RIP lectures


As promised, I am writing with further details about forthcoming Philosophy events at Keele. Since the deadline for applications is approaching very fast, I will start with the ECPR Summer School on Methods in Normative Political Theory/Philosophy. The Summer School will begin on 16 June and will bring to Keele several top political philosophers and approximately 20 postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers for discussions of methodological issues in political theory. The Summer School is funded by the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) and it is organised by the ECPR Standing Group in Kantian Political Thought. The ECPR also offers funding for two delegates. More information, including the programme, details concerning accommodation and contact details, can be found here:

Since I last posted about the Royal Institute of Philosophy Invited Lecture Series, we had seven (!) speakers:

5 November 2013: Professor Alessandra Tanesini, University of Cardiff
Nietzsche, Narrative Theories of the Self, and the Diachronic Will

10 December 2013
: Dr Paula Satne, Keele University/Open University
Forgiveness: A Kantian Approach

4 February 2014
: Dr Lisa McNulty, Regent’s American College London
John Locke’s Social Epistemology

18 February 2014:
Dr Roger Teichmann, University of Oxford
Sincerity in Thought

25 February 2014:
Dr Phillip Meadows, University of Manchester
In Defence of Medial Theories of Sounds

11 March 2014: Dr Darragh Byrne, University of Birmingham

Phenomenal Concepts

25 March 2014
: Dr Peter Kail, University of Oxford
Hume’s “Manifest Contradiction”

The final RIP lecture will be after the Easter break. Given the topic and speaker, it promises to be an excellent event:

6 May 2014: Dr Fiona Hughes, University of Essex
The Political Potential of Taste: An Alternative to Hannah Arendt’s Reading of Kant’s Critique of Aesthetic Judgement

This is the first time we are scheduling an RIP lecture after the Easter break, so if you would like us to continue to do so for the following years, come to this one to show your interest. It is a busy time of the year, but many students and friends of philosophy were sad that nothing happens between the end of March and the beginning of October. This year we will have an RIP lecture in May and the Summer School in June, so it already starts looking much better.