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Keele Philosophy Society (PhilSoc) is formed by students, for students. Students hold fortnightly debates (Thursdays, from 7pm to 9pm in CBA1.100) discussing anything from philosophical topics to current affairs in a fun and lively atmosphere.

Past topics for debates have included; ‘Do we live in the Matrix’; ‘Merry Christmas or Happy holidays?’ and ‘Will the military always be necessary?’ Free wine is available to everyone who attends the debates.

Film nights and socials are on the cards and all ideas are welcome from current students. Any questions can be directed to Joshua Reynolds (President) at u7q60@students.keele.ac.uk , or by joining the Facebook group Keele Philosophy Society, or of course by placing a comment on this blog.

The next meeting will be on Thursday, 29 October on the topic: Do a person’s philosophical view affect their actions?


One thought on “Keele Philosophy Society

  1. Hi Everyone, this is my first proper blog. So far this semester we have had two very successful debates; one on freewill versus determinism, the other on ‘War! What is it good for?’.
    Since opening the debates up to the whole of SPIRE we have had a lot more people attending, than when it was just philosophy students, and other SPIRE students bring a different perspective to the debates.
    Thank you to everyone who turned up to either of the debates and I hope you enjoyed them and continue to attend.
    Feel free to leave debate topics, comments or constructive critisisms about how the sessions are run – please be kind.


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