Vienna Blog Post: Keele Events for 2014

One minute from the University
One minute from the University

Already the second half of March! It seems like only yesterday I arrived in Vienna for a one-year research leave and now there are only about 4 months to go…

Although physically away from Keele, I have been in constant contact with SPIRE from day one – for administrative tasks, but also for the many events I organised and I am continuing to organise (luckily with a lot of support from colleagues at Keele). These are very briefly some highlights:

  • Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures: for the first time, this year they will continue also after the Easter break (co-organised with Jonathan Head – details to follow very shortly)
  • The Keele Philosophy Forum Reading Group (this is something I initiated, but since July last year it has been organised by Stephen Leach and Ruhi Demiray – details in a future blog post)
  • Summer School: Methodology in Moral and Political Philosophy (co-organised with Ruhi Demiray, 16-26 June – details in a future blog post)
  • Royal Institute of Philosophy Lectures: for the next academic year, they will resume in October (I expect Jonathan Head will continue to co-organise them with me – details in a future blog post)
  • Workshop – part of the Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship for Career Development (“A Kantian Approach to Current Tensions Between Legal Obligations and Religious Commitments”) that I am running at Keele with Ruhi Demiray; the workshop will be on the theme “Kantian Insights into the Relation between Law and Ethical Commitments” (28 November – details in a future blog post)
  • “Jean-Jacques Rousseau” Annual Lecture and Conference: The Annual Lecture will be given by Howard Williams (Aberystwyth) and the Annual Conference will be on themes from his work (28-29 November; everything is almost ready, but I will provide details in the near future on this blog)
  • Official Launch of the Keele Centre for Kantian Studies in Association with Oxford University and University of St Andrews (organised with support from Josie D’oro, James Tartaglia and colleagues at Oxford and St Andrews; it will take place on 30 November; again, almost everything is ready, but I will post details here closer to the time)
  • Kant Festival: this is simply another name (which I very much like) for the events I have mentioned above that will take place between 28 and 30 November